LabPrints Digital Studio

Lab Prints Professional Studio Suite

LabPrints is an extensible and powerful program for professional photographers. It integrates with Photoshop and Lightroom, provides built-in and custom templates, keeps track of orders, and can provide an online-storefront system.

The majority of features and even advanced functions of LabPrints are included for free, custom template and online-storefront features do require purchase in order to use them. Barrons provides dozens of templates though, and LabPrints' compatibility with Lightroom make it an excellent addition to your workflow, even when using other online-storefronts. LabPrints can be a simple client ordering and cataloging tool, or an all in one solution managing every end of your online sales, ordering and shipping workflow.

LabPrints works cross platform on PC or Macintosh computers. LabPrints also provides functionality to allow a computer to act as a "LabPrints Server", giving studios with multiple workstations the ability to connect to one central LabPrints computer. This and many other advanced features are available free to all LabPrints users.

Online training and support is provided for free though LabPrints. Their extensive video library will answer questions and show you how to most effectively take advantage of the LabPrints Digital Studio software.

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