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Photo Archiving & Digital Restorations

Heirloom photos we know are precious, but physical images are still only temporary. In order to preserve your images forever we offer photo archiving. Our team can take your photographs and make digital versions of them. These digital images can be saved in our customer portal for future use and prints as well as on your flash drive or a disk if you would like. Additionally, we can also transfer old reel film, VHS, and cassette tapes to digital versions for modern day viewing.

Damaged photos can be heartbreaking; however, all is not loss. If you are unable to repair the original, you may be a great candidate for digital restoration. Our team of experts will create a digital version of your image using a high resolution scanner or specialized camera. Then a restoration artist will skillfully remove the damage from the digital image. Once completed the restored digital file can be used to make a reproduction, share with family and friends, or simply archive. Digital restorations can only be quoted once the original photograph has been inspected by one of our restoration specialists. Contact us today at 817-348-8080 or fill out the form below to set up a consultation or feel free to come by the shop anytime.


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