What resolution do I need to print?

What type of file should I use to print?

For most people the answer to this is JPEG 8-bit RGB. The following guidelines will ensure compatibility of your file with our commercial printers.

We Do Not Accept the Following Formats and Specifications for Printing: We Do Accept the Following Formats and Specifications for Printing:

If you have custom processing or printing needs we can work with you to convert your authoring format to the appropriate printing format and ensure optimal print quality.

How can I achieve accurate color?

Color management, and subsequently color accuracy, can not be accomplished without the proper hardware and software. You will need a monitor colorimeter, printer profiles, software that works with images in a common "working space" like AdobeRGB or sRGB, and software that allows you to "softproof".

You will need to follow the specific directions provided by your hardware and software vendors to properly install and use your color management tools.

How will my images be cropped?

Photographs that are not sized to print will be cropped according to your instruction or to the best judgement of the technician.

When will my order be ready?

Most standard orders take from 2-5 business days, depending on the services and options you've chosen. Custom orders will be given a approval date with the due date being subject to the approval process. We offer limited same day service for bereavement and other situations. Orders left over 60 days from their due date will incur a 10% storage fee.

What are the differences in the photographic and fine art papers Barrons carries?

There are two main printing processes we use; traditional photographic printing using a true RA4 chemical process, and giclee printing utilizing true Ultrachrome K3 inks. The traditional photographic printing surfaces include our Kodak Lustre, Kodak Glossy, and Kodak Metallic surfaces. These print surfaces are the latest technology in real photographic prints, using the traditional development process that has been the professional standard for decades. Our giclee printing surfaces include our canvas, watercolor and hahnamuhle surfaces. Giclee printing is today's standard for printing fine art, oversized enlargements, true darkroom quality B&W, and artwork duplication.

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What are the differences in the mount board options?

Can you duplicate, digitize or scan my artwork?

Yes, we provide copy services for artwork, heirloom images, antique photographs and documents, or any other type of image you may have.

What is the process for Photo Restoration?

Photographic restoration starts with a quote, we will determine the approximate cost of the time it will take to repair or restore your image. Your image is then digitally copied and saved in it's current condition. All of our retouching and restoration will be performed on a digital copy of your image, we do not directly restore your original physical print. Once the restoration is completed we save the restored digital image and original digital copy to a disc. We can then produce prints for you or simply deliver your restoration to you on the saved disc.

How do I place an order?

You may come into our lab and place an order over the counter in our lobby, see our hours and location for more details, you can also order online through your web browser. A third way to place orders, designed for professional photographers, is through our LabPrints software.

Do I need to be a professional photographer to use Barrons?

No, we are open to the public. While we specialize in professional photographic services and cater to many professionals, we do not require you to have a tax-id or other business specific credentials.

Do you provide film processing, scanning, and printing?

We provide processing of any b&w, e6 (slide film), and c41 (color film). Legacy formats like 110 or aps, common 35mm, medium and large format film up to 5x7 is accepted for processing. We can scan and print from any of these formats as well. Two common "dead" formats that can no longer be processed are C22 film and Kodak's Kodachrome, processing chemicals for these film types are no longer produced.

Does Barrons take Photographs?

Barron Photografix provides limited studio based photography services, including headshot and product photography. We also provide photography services to the Fort Worth Stock Show. Photography is at the heart of our business and many in our staff are also portrait and/or commercial photographers. If you are looking for a photographer we can provide you with recommendations for the specific type of photography you need.

What kind of camera should I buy?

We do not sell cameras or camera accessories. You can use the following as an impartial guideline to help you choose a camera.

Ask Yourself: There are Four Main Classes of Camera: Things you should care about most when buying contemporary digital camera of any class: Things you should care about the least when buying contemporary digital camera of any class:

I'm on a tight budget, how can I get the most for my money in camera equipment?

Buy used when you can and always buy from a reputable dealer like,, or Many dealers, like, are known for their quality used gear; many also provide free warranty service on used equipment. There are also reputable alternatives to a lot of high end equipment in todays new gear market; wireless triggers from Cactus and Phottix, LumoPro stands, grip and flashes, and Westcott light modifiers all have reliable gear.

Can you recommend any resources for learning photography?

The world is full of bad photography advise and people who will tell you that you're amazing when you aren't. Neither of these things will actually help you learn or grow as a photographer. The following are resources or individuals that you can trust and use to further your photographic knowledge or skill.