Artists & Imaging Services

Artists & Imaging Services

What Our Photofinishing Lab Offers to Painters and Other Artisans

Artwork Imaging

We use a two-step process for imaging artwork. The first step is to take a high-resolution photograph with a specialized digital camera and rigging set up. This allows the original to be imaged while preserving the natural qualities, but without losing details otherwise lost due to texture. Additionally, we have a special polarized lens that allows us to shoot through glass or reduce glare from metallic-based inks. Read More

Giclee Prints

For our artists wishing to have their original pieces reproduced here at Barron’s, we have specially designed a process to ensure your reproductions are specifically how you want them. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you one on one to develop a proof print of your original onto the selected medium of choice. Proof prints vary slightly in size depending on the original’s measurements but will fall somewhere within the 8”x12” size. Read More

Specialty Services

We understand that sometimes, artists work on tight deadlines. In order to accommodate such deadlines, we offer rush services when available. If you are looking to make a limited run of prints, we offer limited edition prints, which include a certificate of authenticity and holographic seal. The typical Turnaround is 3–5 business days depending on quantity and complexity. We can add custom logos, watermarks, or digital signatures to any of your prints. Read More

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