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Barron Photografix
Barron Photografix

We a proud to offer many different mounting options to suite your needs and budget. Each mount is handled with care by our seasoned technicians. We want your prints to shine and a mount can offer that special finishing touch.


​Styrene - ​Styrene is one of the highest quality mounting options available on the market. Prints are mounted on 2mm, smooth, and durable white Styrene and will not warp, tear, or bend over time.​ It is perfect for framing!


​Gatorfoam -​ Gatorfoam is a lightweight, rigid display board with a polystyrene core and black surface. The core is very dense and firm and the surface is a wood fiber veneer laminate impregnated with resin for water resistance. Choose Gatorfoam for your most durable displays, signage, and mounting surface.


​Mural Mounts - ​Mural Mounts are perfect for adding dimension to your work. This product is frequently used as a substitute for traditional framing and comes ready to hang. The Mural Mount is 1-1/2" thick and is made of lightweight, dense foam with a black, high quality solid display edge. Our Mural Mounts have a moisture barrier on the back that will prevent any warping.​

​French Cleats - ​Our french cleat hanging system has inter-locking brackets for safety and security while providing level hanging.​ Our cleat system makes for easy installation of even the heaviest pieces.


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